Code of Conduct

A Star Wars Story: Code of Conduct

The rules our community must abide.

A Star Wars Story was founded with the goal of allowing all Star Wars fans to creatively enjoy the expansive Star War setting and universe. First and foremost we are dedicated to this goal for role-players of all walks of life to enjoy the Star Wars universe. As such, we have a code of conduct that we ask all members to abide by. Failure to abide by the rules can and will result in punishment.

By registering for our site or utilizing any of our services, you hereby agree and consent to the following Code of Conduct:
  1. ASWS has a 0 tolerance policy for discrimination. Discrimination on any basis: gender, creed, race, social status, or anything will be taken seriously.
  2. This site is rated PG-13. In order to allow a wide-audience, 18+ Material is not allowed on the site this includes but is not limited to: excessive gore, overtly sexual content, and obscene language.
  3. Multiple accounts are not permitted. You are only allowed to have multiple characters of up to 2 per account, so please adhere to the 1-account limit.
  4. ASWS also has a 0 tolerance policy for forcing player characters to do any obscene actions. Force controlling people to commit sexual actions or even preform grotesque things is completely banned.
  5. Sexualization of children or anything sexual in nature regarding minors is completely prohibited. This includes lolicon characters.
  6. Advertising external websites or services are prohibited.
  7. No illegal activity of any kind is allowed.
Due to the nature of this community being organic, as the community grows these rules are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to terminate your account or remove your access to the board at anytime given a breech of conduct or anything deemed to be illegal, severely immoral or potentially harmful to the community.

Last Updated: 2020/04/19