Getting Started

Getting Started
How to Progress a Character

Once you understand the systems in the Core Rulebook and have registered a character what comes next? How does that character grow or progress?

The top of every character sheet has two notable fields Credits and Fame.

On ASWS, Credits will not only do fine, but they are the tender that drives a character sheet's development. Credits are used to purchase stat/skill points, items, modifiers, and even faction upgrades can be purchased. This guide will be split into two sections: Earning Credits & Spending Credits.

Fame, on the other hand, indicates how well-known or prominent a character is in the galaxy. The "Fame" count is directly proportionate to the total amount of credits a character has had over their life time. Since registration if a character has earned a total of 3000 credits- even if spent, the fame stat will be 3000. Different levels of fame give more lee-way in the RP to exercise things like political might or financial might. When a character joins a faction, a portion of their fame is added to the Faction's "Galactic Power".

Earning Credits
Credits can be earned from any type of role-play on the forum, helping others, and often from community events. All characters start with 2000 credits, however by participating in the activities you can increase your wealth and progress your character. Helping others by checking applications or participating in community events general follow their own rules and rates- however RPing, something all members can do, is always static!

How to RP
By participating in threads in The Galaxy section then posting them for grading in the Updates section, you can have your stories canonized/ archived and receive a payout. An RP thread can be alone or with others. Both are held to the same grading standards on length and quality, so RPing alone can often be a much more challenging task. As such, we recommend you make some friends... or enemies!

Threads are graded on the following merit:
Rating Details Payout
Incomplete Unfinished threads or threads with little detail, short posts, low length. ₹100
Minimal Effort Little-to-no-risk. Minimal detail, length, etc. Complete threads. ₹200
Average Effort Some risk. Effort in details, length, prose, etc evident. ₹300
Great Effort Some risk. Great effort in details, length, prose, etc evident. ₹400
Excellent Effort Moderate risk. Great job in writing style. Light character growth. ₹500
Superior Effort Moderate risk. Lengthy but detail rich posts- character growth clearly evident in main characters and surrounding cast. ₹700
Legendary Effort High risk. Extremely evident growth not only in a character, but world changing. ₹1000

Spending Credits
Credits can be exchanged for stat points, skill points, modifiers, or even items. Combat items and modifiers are priced on a per-item-basis, and sometimes require RP threads too. Lightsabers are an example of an item that may require retroactive RP threads. The following chart shows a few things you can purchase at set rates:
Item Cost
1 Stat Point ₹300
1 Skill Point ₹400
Basic Item (Non-combat) ₹500

Upgrading existing Gear or Weapons
You can also upgrade existing gear or weapons at any time. When it comes to weapons or armor, simply pay the difference to rank up the damage or durability. This is especially common for weapons like lightsabers, which must be upgraded to 10 damage before they can be used as normal lightsabers.

Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not. Attachment leads to jealously. The shadow of greed, that is.
– Yoda

On A Star Wars Story we recognize death is a part of any story. We also recognize people put a lot of work and late nights into crafting their creative characters and entrancing tales, so death can be a rather big blow to not only your time but you're being. As such, we allow you to mulligan your character at anytime, whether due to death or just no longer "feeling it".

For the current moment we allow a complete 1:1 refund but if we suspect this is being abused we reserve the right to deny your requests. Additionally, the 1:1 may be subject to change in the future.

We hope that this also makes people more willing to participate in each others stories no matter the risk!

May the force be with you on your journeys!