A new contract.

Historically some of the first worlds colonized by those of the Core and the republic, The Colonies tend to be well off and on great trade routes. Notable planets include Abednedo, Cato Neimoidia, and Carida.

Known simply as the "The Rim", the inner rim was once the frontier of colonization. These planets tend to be well used trade routes. Notable planets include Onderon, Jakku, Bestine, Thyferra, and Taanab.
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A new contract.

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The market hustle and bustle was overwhelming to Lumya as she moved about the streets of Iziz. She could smell the old musty head wrapping over her, she had to keep quiet and not draw too much attention to her, her clients were waiting to meet her. In person meetings like this were rare with communication now as vast as it was, but her clients were a bit paranoid and worried about their calls being traced. Thus why she had to meet in person. Quickly she moved down a back alley headed for a small door on the left and knocked. A young woman wrapped up much the same way opened the door and Lumya entered. The young woman closed the door behind her and sat at a table removing the cloth revealing two large blue tentacles upon her head, her blue eyes piercing into Lumya's. She removed the cloth on her head and looked around walking around slowly. The small house was lit with some small lamps in the corners of the room. The smell of strong perfume mixed with smoke from a nearby hookah filled her nose.

“Glad you could make it.” The twi’lek smiled. “I heard that you're good but to seemingly be invisible in a crowded market. Well done!” Then sat behind a desk.

“I am pleased you're so impressed, can we get on to the matter I came here to discuss. She sat with her back straight in a nearby chair. The young looking twi’lek pushed a button on a remote, as Lumiya slowly pulled her hand off the gun she had begun to grab seeing the remote. The nearby hologram started up and a 3d render of a ship blown apart appeared on screen. “There is something on that derelict ship I want. I want you to get it.” She said.

“Seems like an easy job what’s the catch?” Lumya squinted at her benefactor.

“It’s in Geonosian space.” The young woman said with a look away from her gun for hire. “As you may know the Geonosian are not too pleased with invaders and even less happy with people coming into their space and stealing salvage. Get the 3 crates back to me and you’ll have your reward.” With no sound uttered the Chiss woman took out a small data pad and hit a few buttons handing the data pad to the woman.

“A contract for the salvage, 2000 credits up front. 2000 upon my return. A copy of this contract will be made available to you upon you signing it and a copy with your signature will be immediately sent to my personal data banks. These are my terms they are not negotiable and failure to pay upon my return will result in possible accidental injury or death. Are we clear?” Concluding her speech about the contract with the young twi’lek she stood up from her chair looking as though she was staring at the hologram studying it with her arm behind her back in an officer’s attention. It was then the twi’lek noticed the Chiss had her hand on the blaster on her back.

With the contract signed she hurried off out of the house putting her hood back up to cover her face and headed back towards the market and into the streets stopping at a seedy dive bar. To meet with the other half of her team who was her sister. The bar was filled with people dancing to the song played by the bith band. She squinted slightly. The large crowd more of the obstacle than the low lighting.

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