[Ryloth] Smugglers and Sith (Izanagi/Naren)

A large expanse region, the Outer Rim Territories are lawless, ruled by criminal organizations and/or the Hutts. Notable worlds include Arkanis, Mon Cala, Kessel, Ryloth, Eriadu, Sullust, Geonosis, Mustafar, Crait, Nal Hutta, Cantonica, Hoth, Lothal, Dagobah, Endor, Nar Shaddaa, Florrum, Yavin 4, Saleucami, Scarif, Felucia, Dathomir, and Tatooine. Beyond the Outer Rim is rather unknown, and probably for the best.
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[Ryloth] Smugglers and Sith (Izanagi/Naren)

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It hadn’t been very long since Akhoi had been inducted into the Sith order but already he had experienced the advantages of their connections. Through accessing one of their holocrons he had been led to a storage bay on Nar Shadaa containing one of the advanced fighter vessels created by the ancient order, a Sith Infiltrator. Sleek, powerful and ideal for Akhoi’s purposes it was now his to command. Or it would be if he had any piloting experience. For now he would have to continue to rely on Nieja, one of his Nightsisters from back on Dathomir. As a young man she had been his superior, guiding him in the ways of the force. Now, however he had far surpassed her, stronger than any other on the red planet, the Sith order had recognized him as an Apprentice Sith lord.

But unlike many Sith, Akhoi had no intention of working alone or simply following the whims of his master. He had personal ambitions for power and growing his connections. For his purposes he would need a full crew. The Wraith was a relatively small vessel; 26 meters long it could comfortably house about a dozen crew members. Akhoi would need seasoned warriors, pilots, mechanics and preferably a few people with strong ties in underworld dealings in order to maximize profits. Most importantly however they would need to be loyal. One way or another he would bend them to his will.

The first stop would be Ryloth. Home of the Twi’lek species and also one of the primary production worlds of Sansanna Spice, competed only by Kessel and to some extent Naboo. A variant known as Ryll was also made on Ryloth, in small dosages being extremely beneficial and used in militaries and various medicinal and scientific purposes but in high potency being even more addictive than the more common Sansanna strains. Akhoi intended to get his foot in the door of running spice, or at the very least getting familiar with the business owners. One of his contacts had set him up with a meeting with a drug lord named Sorga’tol, a powerful Twi’lek on Ryloth who could make someone very rich or very dead depending on how one’s business dealings played out.

“Stay with the ship, I won’t be gone long” Akhoi instructed as Nieja guided the Wraith in to the Kala’uun spaceport. The capitol city of Ryloth was built into a mountain, passing through a series of blast doors in order to land safely beneath the city. It would be problematic to get out without clearance though Akhoi was sure the meeting would go well, he had amassed a reputation among some of his wealthy clients as being someone who got the job done, no matter how dirty the task. “Pick up an Astromech droid while you’re out. I can fly point to point alright but in a firefight this ship is too much too handle for one person alone” the bald, grey-skinned woman instructed. “And take Abberant Ezsol with you, you may not need the protection, but he’ll be more useful out there than here” she added, clearly still adjusting to not actually being in charge. The third member of the crew, the rather taciturn grey and white Zabrak Nightbrother only grunted in annoyance and double checked his Flachette Shotgun was loaded and in working order. A vibroblade axe hung from his hip. Akhoi scoffed, he was used to the woman’s tone. He knew she knew her place and took orders when it mattered and the fact was, he needed her. “I’ll see what I can do” he stated gruffly through his metal Sith Acolyte’s mask. Dressed in black robes he carried only a standard datapad and his lightsaber. With that the pair of Zabrak men departed the sleek vessel and made their way to the elevator pad that would bring them into the city. With all the Twi’lek slaves and shady businesses around it would have been tempting to spend his time elsewhere if only he had the credits to do so. For now, business would come first.

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