The Sith Empire

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The Sith Empire

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The Sith Empire
Spoiler: Description
Purpose: To restore The Sith Order, build a military force which will be used to overthrow the Republic rid the galaxy of The Jedi Order and to build an empire that controls every inch of the galaxy to bring true order.

Base of Operations: Lothal - An abandoned ancient stone temple, found by the sea, built on a force vergence. Was said to be maintained by the Jedi long ago, now corrupted by the dark side and the sith.
Spoiler: Lothal Temple

Beliefs/Rules/Taditions: The Sith Empire is built of two branches.
The first branch is The Order a group of religious force wielders dedicated to the dark side.

Ranks: (Ascending order)
  • Emperor
  • Darth
  • Inquisitor
  • Brother/Sister
  • Acolyte
The second branch The Naval Fleet consists of the military force who lead the fleet of The Sith.
Ranks: (Ascending order)
  • Grand Admiral
  • Admiral
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
Spoiler: History
It is said that The Sith Order were an ancient group of force users who fractured from the Jedi Order, growing tired of the limits the Jedi placed on both their personal lives and their usage of the force. The two factions fought for centuries in what seemed a never-ending war between them. Until finally in -1032 BBY The Last War was fought, resulting in the elimination of The Sith for almost a millennia.

The Sith have returned for their exile, hiding within the shadows, slowly building a new empire of both force and none force users, once they have the numbers they will overthrow the republic and take control of the galaxy, bringing both peace and order under their new rule.