Mandalorians: Clan Bull

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Mandalorians: Clan Bull

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Spoiler: Description
Purpose: Members of the Mandalorian Clan Bull primarily function as bounty hunters. They raise money for the clan, and they teach newer members the ways of combat. At this time their primary purpose is to build up the clan by raising money for it to truly thrive, and raising numbers to really put it on the map as a Mandalorian clan.

Base of Operations: Camp Bull, Concordia Moon, Mandalore

Beliefs/Rules/Traditions: Many of their traditions fall in line with that of most Mandalorians. But the most common ones are as follows:
  • Resol'nare - The six tenets of Mandalorian culture - They consist of wearing armor, speaking the language of Mando'a, defending oneself and family, raising your children as Mandalorians, contributing to the clan's welfare, and when called upon by the Mand'alor, rallying to their cause.
  • Disputes are taken to the fighting/dueling ring.
  • Individuals may be 'adopted' into the way of life if an existing member of the clan chooses to take them under their wing.
Spoiler: History
Twenty years ago a young Mandalorian woman by the name of Lisassi Bull became the sole survivor of her clan. Wiped out by raiders whose identity was never revealed, the girl barely escaped with her life at the age of eighteen. Originally she did not intend to begin a new clan from the ashes of her own, but after taking to a forested area on Concordia in order to hide herself she remembered the tenets.
In order to further the Mandalorian way of life she chose to begin her own clan, her own camp, and soon adopted into the way of life two others. Over twenty years this has become a clan slowly beginning to thrive and truly revel in its own identity.

Image :: General Lisassi Bull (NPC)

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