Alex Progression

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Alex Progression

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Username: Aes Sedai
Type: Character
Modification Details:
+2 to Force Stat (For a total of 4)
+2 to Force Sensory (For a total of 3)
Updating age to 18
Updating history with info from past IC threads
Total Cost: ₹1400

Spoiler: New Sheet Coding

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[b]Username:[/b]  [url=]Aes Sedai[/url]
[b]Credits:[/b] ₹120
[b]Fame:[/b] 7800
[b][size=200]Alexandra Virtuain, aka Ciara Dorean[/size][/b]
[b]Faction(s):[/b] [url=]Mandalorians: Clan Bull[/url]
[b]Race:[/b]  Human
[b]Age:[/b] 18
[b]Gender:[/b]  Female
[b]Height:[/b] 5’7’’
[b]Weight:[/b]  120 lbs
[b]Physical Features:[/b]  Alex is a fairly standard height, built fairly well muscled but not overly so for her gender as to hide away the curves that accent her figure.  Her hair is short, brown, and layered, often in her face and needing pushed back.  Her eyes are a light blue, her skin a touch towards the pale.  She bears a handful of scars scattered across her body, but nothing major enough to be worth noting particularly.
[b]Clothing/Accessories:[/b]  Alex typically wears black pants and combat boots with a sleeveless crimson shirt that fits her well.  She wears no jewelry but does often wear black gloves.
[b]Personality:[/b]  Alex is fairly untrusting, preferring not to use her real name and instead often going by ‘Ciara’.  She’s never been very good at taking orders, but if someone manages to catch her attention and loyalty, she becomes loyal to a fault.
-- 2x light silver lightsabers (Damage: 7, each), black hilts, embedded in the back of her boots as if part of a decoration running up the calf. 
-- 1x Blaster Pistol (Damage: 5, Durability: 5), on belt on lower back.
-- 1x Vibroblade (Damage: 5, Durability: 5), 18 inch blade, on left hip.
-- Black armored gauntlets (Durability: 7), worn on either arm.
[b]Racial Ability:[/b]
[quote=Galactic Databanks]
Hailing from various planets throughout the galaxy, humans ingenuity and migrations made perhaps the most common race in the galaxy. Humans can start with 1 free skill points in any skill they so desire. Physically they are considered the baseline from which other species are described. Generally average, humans are versatile. Human physiology don't have any given advantage, but likewise a lack of disadvantages make them solid all-rounders. 
-- Hidden in Force -- The user was born with the unique ability to hide their use of the Force.  This is not to hide overt actions but rather when another force user is looking to passively sense the area with Force Sensory to find other force users, this individual cannot be found in this way.  Finding them requires a more proactive approach. Finding her requires the individual's Force Sensory Skill to be higher than Alex's Force Stat. An equal stat will result in her being a 'flicker' in the user's sensory.
[b]Stats (0/38)[/b]
-- Piloting - 3
-- Navigation - 3
-- Blaster Pistol Marksmanship - 3
-- Sabre Combat Form I - 2
-- Sabre Combat Form VI - 1
-- Force Sensory - 3
-- Force Telekinesis - 2
-- Force Acrobatics - 1
-- Linguistics - 2
Alexandra Virtuain, usually called Alex for short, was never very good at taking orders.  She has no idea how exactly she started her life, only that by the age of two she was orphaned, and by age six she was taken to train to one day become a Jedi.  Some training she took to well, namely being able to hide herself from others, though to be because she had a tendency to prank others and try to prank her teachers (rarely succeeding of course).  Primarily what she learned however was how to hide herself from other force users, hiding her abilities, something that came to use by time she was about fourteen.

As she came deeper into her training, Alex soon found herself terrified of the future and just what it might hold.  She couldn’t explain her feelings of dread and was often told to meditate.  Yet instead the young girl instead decided the life wasn’t for her and left the academy.  The loss of a student was the only real loss in the eyes of many, but given her recent rebellions and feelings of dread it was overall suspected that in the future, becoming a Jedi may not have been for her.  Of course not all felt this way, one or two held out hope, but not many.

Fearing she might be hunted or searched for by her former instructors, Alex took the name Ciara Dorean to herself.  She made her way to the outer rim and before long made herself useful to a small time smuggler.  At the time content to hide, ‘Ciara’ was learning more about piloting and life as a smuggler than anything, hiding who she really was from both herself and others.

She eventually came to work under a Twi'lek named Sukus, coming up to the position of first mate from which she could learn the trade as a smuggler and grow as a pilot.  But one day they took on a job to fly a mercenary around on his various jobs.  Though the first job went relatively smoothly, with Ciara proving herself as an assist to the mercenary in an ugly fight.  Somehow this enraged Sukus, either over the money or something else, and he suddenly attacked Ciara on the ship and was killed by the bounty hunter, a man named Dromand Trac.

Ciara took over the ship, and teamed up with Dromand for various jobs.  During that time she was introduced to a Mandalorian Clan, members of which she had rescued from a jail cell on Mustafar.  Dromand himself was a Mandalorian, with a past in slave fighting pits under the Hutts, though he was a Nomad.  As she showed an interest in Mandalorian life, Dromand taught Ciara what he could but slowly he learned that there was more to the woman, a fact solidified when they were both captured by the Hutts later.  Rather Ciara was captured, and Dromand was persuaded to return to the fighting pits for a weekend in exchange for her life.  It was during this time that Ciara finally revealed she was Alex to him, and with all her secrets laid bare Dromand 'adopted' her as his protégé and as a Mandalorian recruit.

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Re: Alex Progression

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