So excited

Get to know the community and make some early connections or find others to role-play with.
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So excited

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I love play by post for forums and so glad to see a new one and know the medium isn't dead. I'm Kristie and trying to learn your new system. I like to be very descriptive in my writing but i'm working on dialing that back to make my posts have more action in them. I'm already coming up with new character ideas. I played starwars knights of the old republic one and two and assume your universe is like that. No main cannon characters but still in the universe of starwars. Please correct me if I am wrong. Anyway look forward to battling across the universe.

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Re: So excited

Post by Jesu »

Yeah- more or less! This takes place right before the battle of Naboo, so Phantom Menace era.

Looking forward to the many stories you will tell- any system questions feel free to ask.

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