Karreal Dalgas

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Karreal Dalgas

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Karreal Dalgas
Faction(s): Grey Jedi
Race: Tholothian
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Height: 5’8
Weight: 145lbs

Physical Features: Karreal has pale blue eyes accentuated by tan skin and white tendrils that give her away when she’s in emotional distress. She has a heart shaped face and a fit modest hourglass figure. Karreal stands tall and elegant, you’ll hardly ever see her appearance in disarray. She takes pride in remaining clean and put together.
Karreal Dalgas

Clothing/Accessories: Sticking mostly to neutral tones, it is most common to find Karreal in shades of brown to avoid unnecessary attention. Wearing a long sleeved tunic belted in by a short sleeved and slight robe. She prefers to wear pants for better maneuverability accompanied by boots. When travelling she’ll often don a hooded cloak to help keep attention off of herself, making blending in far easier. The only “flashy item” Karreal wears would be her mother’s necklace as well as the ring and chain attached to her left hand for her yellow shoto saber.

Personality: Since leaving the Jedi Order Karreal has felt herself become more intune with her emotions, learning better control now that she no longer has to abide by the many restrictions that were causing her such difficulties. Looking at all angles that will benefit the balance of the Force and keeping her understanding that there is no Light side and no Dark side. The simplicity of it all has made it possible to further master her skills and use her emotions more to her benefit and less to her detriment. She has grown to be quite down to earth, embracing the once taboo feelings and letting her life be filled with their warmth. She is perceived to be quite friendly when not working towards her final purpose, whatever the Maker has deemed that to be. ALthough in stressful situations or on jobs she takes she chooses to mostly stay neutral, relying on her newfound calm to bring about clarity and drawing strength from her past anger when needed in combat. She is a fierce fighter for what she believes is right and for what will achieve balance in any situation. Becoming a Grey Jedi has shaped her in a way that being a Jedi Knight never could. By finally feeling confident and comfortable in herself and shedding all the things meant to hold her back, she has acquired the mental acuity necessary to finally see the bigger picture. That in and of itself brings a different kind of peace that encourages her on her path.
Possessions: Karreal is a dual lightsaber wielder; with one yellow shoto saber used for stunning and deflecting, attached to her by a ring and chain, and a purple lightsaber used for offence and counters.

Shoto Saber: - Yellow - 4 Damage; attached via ring and chain on her left hand, secured on her belt, left side
Shoto Saber

Lightsaber: - Purple - 6 Damage; secured on her belt,right side
Racial Ability:
Galactic Databanks wrote: Tholothian
Virtually human, Tholothians have white tendrils that protrude from their head instead of hairs. These tendrils change colors in response to the Tholothian's emotional mood when distressed, which can be an unfortunate give away in many negotiation situations. Tholothian's tend to live a lifespan almost double that of humans, which often lead to them being wiser and having greater knowledge. Tholothian's may assign 3 free skill points wherever they choose.
Stats (14/38)

Saber Combat: Form VI (5/10)
Saber Combat: Form VII (5/10)
Force: Rage (2/10)
Force: Telekinesis (3/10)
Force: Mind Trickery (2/10)
Force: Acrobatics (1/10)
Spoiler: History
Karreal had what she would consider a normal childhood, filled with happy memories of her parents swinging her around in gardens, going on star filled night walks and playing with the other local children. Tholoth was a peaceful and idyllic planet, natural beauty around every corner with a bustling economy boosting everyday, filled with more and more visitors and business ventures. After her fifth birthday she was brought into the city with her papa, and it was there they ran into a Jedi Knight accompanying a Senator on a business trip. The Jedi in question was taken aback to feel someone nearby be so connected to the force. After completing his task he tracked Karreal and her parents down to their home in the fields, wanting to know more and assess her potential for himself. The Jedi and Karreal spent many of the following days together, meditating and talking about the force, it was on one of these days he decided she needed proper training, and took it upon himself to convince her parents to let her travel with him to Coruscant and begin her Jedi path at the Temple.

Karreal found herself struggling all throughout her training as a padawan, to contain and calm her emotions. To not let herself be so easily goaded and distraught when she failed. With her unique tendrils, this was quite difficult and created a sense of ostracization between herself and the rest of the Jedi. As she progressed with her Master she found herself wanting to speak more in depth with him about these matters but all she ever received was brushed off advice about needing to let go and find balance within herself. This caused more of a rift and left her feeling abandoned and alone. Though she excelled physically, her mind and her heart were not in it.

When she was advanced to Jedi Knight she swore that if she had a padawan things would be different, that she would listen more and try to help. But that day never came. Instead it was more missions and more Senators requiring a Jedi escort. At this point on her path she missed the security and foundation of learning and training for the sake of strength, not what ifs. She thought perhaps her old Master might be more willing to hear her out this time and brought it to his attention. He was not surprised by her feelings, admitting he could feel her dejection through the force and advised her once more that she must contain herself. Before she plummeted too far into herself, he told her that he believed she was right however. That the path of a Jedi Knight was not meant for her, and made the suggestion that perhaps life as a Sentinel would be more fulfilling.

Constantly learning and navigating this narrow path she’d been placed on, she found herself as a Temple Guardian by the recommendation of her old Master. Thinking she’d find slightly more freedom and less isolation she rejoiced in the change of scenery. Only to be met with more disappointment. As a Temple Guardian, the pressure to be in control was immensely more than as a Jedi Knight. Her tendrils constantly gave her away in frustrating situations. The physical training and further Force training were the only things she felt she excelled at, but was always left feeling defeated by after when her superiors would chastise her for using too much feeling. And the learning never ceased (not that she minded that part), but with such marvelous resources at her disposal it was harder to quell certain thoughts and questions. Such as why all aspects of the Dark Side were looked down on and seen as evil? It truly made no sense to her, if one’s emotions gave them more necessary power and it wasn’t abused, why not give in? If attachments gave you more purpose and focus, why cut yourself off from those you loved? The more she read about the Dark and Light sides of the Force the more conflicted she became.

Until one day, she met a peculiar Jedi, cloaked all in Grey and wielding a white lightsaber. She asked the significance and learned that not every path of a Jedi looks the same. That some Jedi don’t see a Dark side and a Light side. All they see is the Force, they are called the Grey Jedi. And that they’re commitment to balance is what keeps them on the path of a Jedi, the true path from their perspective. This obliterated everything that Karreal thought she knew. Sitting on it for weeks, she realized she was so shaken up because she agreed with the mysterious Force user. Coming to this conclusion gave her the courage to defect from the Jedi Order and pursue a new calling, one dedicated to balance and being true to herself. Finally feeling at peace, Karreal’s real journey was about to begin.