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Username: Jesu
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Knight of the Jedi Order


"The council prefers not my teachings; but I personally believe the teachings of the Jedi are incomplete, as are the teachings of the Sith. The balance of our duality as living things is the true path to enlightenment.

Stats (10/38)
Faction(s): Jedi
Race: Unknown Race (Template Passive - Tholothian)
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Height: 1.6M
Weight: 95KG
Physical Features: Relative to a human in their mid-thirties, Jesu is in relatively good shape and still has the muscular build of a warrior but clearly starting to wave out of his prime physique towards a more stocky "scholarly" build. His skin is mint green and in some spots has strange lines patterns. His eyes are large and solid black with light shimmers of gold in them, appearing like glass. While his race unknown, Jesu can be compared to some sort of hybrid between a Nautolans and a Tholothians as the back of his head has rows of short tendrils that change based on his emotional status.

Jesu's brow is well pronounced over his large eyes and it's strong shape mixed with the two tendrils that hang from above his mouth give him a stoic, disapproving look. His species is noseless, though he possess olfactory senses through the gill like structures on the back of his neck which also consume oxygen.

Generally, the Jedi Knight has a closed body language which can often give many the wrong impression of him; a hard ass who is uninterested in the problems of others.

Clothing/Accessories: Jesu wears black slacks and a brown short-sleeved under-tunic. His outer tunic is a black sleeveless gi. Both tunics are bound shut by a leather band that crosses over his midsection. A pair of brown leather boots are worn finishing off his otherwise simple attire. At times, especially on official business he will also wear a brown long jedi robe.
Personality: Jesu is a cautious man whose tendency to "passively participate" from the sidelines with often neutral views has left him not only stuck at the rank of Jedi Knight, but in rather poor favor with the Jedi Council. His lack of strong feelings towards anything is praised by the likes of Master Gor Li and despised by the likes of Master Denso who often refers to him as "fence-sitter Jesu". Regardless, his innate neutrality has allowed Jesu to be allowed to research and learn not only the ways of the Jedi, but to delve into the minds and ways of the Sith without showing any signs of succumbing to the dark side, making him a valuable member of the order in the Council's eyes.

Despite being a ferocious saber combatant from the same generation as Denso, Jesu prefers a more scholarly path and can usually be found either meditating or deep in the archives studying. He is one of the few Jedi, including Denso, who believes the Sith still exist.

  • Blue Light Saber [Requires Threads] - Worn on attached to belt, right side Damage - 5, Durability - 6

Racial Ability:
Galactic Databanks wrote: Unknown (Template - Tholothian)
Jesu hails from an unknown species, perhaps past the reaches of known galactic space. Virtually human, Jesu has tendrils that protrude from the back of his head instead of hairs. These tendrils change colors in response to his emotional mood when distressed, which can be an unfortunate give away in many negotiation situations. Jesu has a lifespan almost double that of humans, which he owes his wisdom and greater knowledge. Jesu may assign 3 free skill points wherever they choose.
Sabre Combat - Form I (Shi-Cho) 10/10
Sabre Combat - Form II (Makashi) 6/10
Sabre Combat - Form III (Soresu) 6/10
Spoiler: History
Jesu's origin is largely unknown, however he was discovered being trafficked by a Trandoshan cartel in the outer rim planet of Rishi by the Jedi Master Gor Li. Sensing the the young child was force sensitive, the Master made amends to free the child where he was taken to the Jedi academy and raised. Upon becoming an age suitable to begin Jedi training, Jesu was enrolled in the academy on Coruscant alongside fellow pupil, Ten Denso and the wookie Kitchit. Among their class Kitchit always seemed to be remarkably strong in the force, while Ten Denso always seemed to be the shining star in combat exercises capable of holding his own against far older pupils in the temple. Jesu was able to hold his own against Denso, yet often chose not to to draw much attention to himself and would regularly throw his duels against Denso. This led to a rivalry and a one-sided deep dislike from Denso.

In the final days of their academy days, while on a trip to Illum, rather than utilizing the force to locate his crystal Jesu looked for analytical clues of a high quality kyber crystal and followed that showing he was to walk the path of a scholar rather than that of a warrior. Roughly 18 at this time, Jesu become a padawan to a Miralukan Jedi Master named Nev Yirat. Under his tutelage Jesu crafted his lightsaber from the crystal he had chosen and furthered his studies into the history of the Jedi, the Sith, and the origins of the force. Yirat had always taught him that knowledge could be a weapon more powerful than the blade, and a force more enlightening than the force itself.

During his time as a padawan, Jesu went on missions along side Padawan Kitchit and Padawan Denso and their respective masters Sygil and Gor Li. With a long streak of success, the trio had shown themselves to be perhaps the next generation of Jedi to some day enter the Jedi Council. Of all their journeys however one particularly stood out, in which Jesu was forced with making an important choice to break the rules of the Council to safeguard life or to do nothing an merely remain an observer on the planet he was on. Jesu ultimately chose to do nothing, which angered Kitchit and Denso who acted breaking the councils rules.

Despite their breach of rules, the pair were not reprimanded as the council decided their decision had been right given the situation. On the other hand, the council had been deeply concerned that Jesu had put the rules of the council over protecting life. As his comrades became Jedi Knights, Jesu remained a padawan and continued his work under master Yirat for another decade.

Stationed temporarily at a Jedi Outpost on Ossus to help with an archaeological dig, a Mandalorian Commando group attacked the Jedi Service Corps wounding many of the non-combat trained Jedi quickly. With Master Yirat in his old age forced to the breeches of his physicality in defending the Service Corps members, Jesu was forced to fight offensively. In battle with his perfected Shi-Cho form, he managed to fight multiple commandos at once dispatching their weapons and taking them as prisoner.

Despite having walked the path of a scholar, his impressive bladeswork and the fact that he took action caused the council to rethink their ruling and promote him to the rank of Jedi Knight at the age of roughly 30. Decades later, Jesu has been rather cut off from the rest of the order obsessively studying old sacred texts and reading the history of struggles between the sith and the Jedi.

The the council allows his unusual studies and believes to exist Jesu has never had a Padawan nor is he allowed to teach at the academy out of fear this his ideals will spread.